JavaScript: The Definitive Guide [ 2011 ]

Обложка книги JavaScript: The Definitive Guide

  • Жанр: компьютеры и интернет, программирование, программы, литература на иностранных языках, современная
  • Автор: Дэвид Флэнаган
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    JavaScript: The Definitive Guide <small>[ 2011 ]</small>

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Описание: Since 1996, JavaScript: The Definitive Guide has been the bible for JavaScript programmers—a programmer's guide and comprehensive reference to the core language and to the client-side JavaScript APIs defined by web browsers. The 6th edition covers HTML5 and ECMAScript 5. Many chapters have been completely rewritten to bring them in line with today's best web development practices. New chapters in this edition document jQuery and server side JavaScript. It's recommended for experienced programmers who want to learn the programming language of the Web, and for current JavaScript programmers who want to master it. "A must-have reference for expert JavaScript programmers...well-organized and detailed."—Brendan Eich, creator of JavaScript, CTO of Mozilla